Conradi Creations 'Bears with Hearts'

Conradi CreationTeddy Bears are lovingly entirely hand sewn using traditional bear making techniques. They are created using the finest quality, carefully chosen mohair or alpaca. With the exception of very few limited editions, all of my bears are one of a kind, each with their own personalities. They are filled with polyester and pellets or steel shot to make them tactile and comfortably heavy, each bear will also have accessories to match their own individual personailty; ranging from a simple comlementery neckerchief to a little jacket or trousers, a 20's inspired headpeice to a sailor collar. Where possible I will be using vintage or antique fabrics, lace and jewellery. From 'May 2018' every bear I create will have a small heart sewn internally into their chest, which can be touched from the outside, demonstrating that every Conradi Creation bear has a heart. All created with love and attention to detail.
I hope you enjoy visiting my bears.


Teddy Bears


TEDDY BEARS My love for Edwardian bears has always been my inspiration, with their long arms, large paws and prominent hump on their backs. I have reflected these features into my designs.

Gently Aged Bears


GENTLY AGED My aged bears are made entirely from fine mohair which I have sensitively aged to create the look of old favourites, antique bears that have been loved for many years.

Panda Bears


PANDA'S Iconic beautiful panda bears are usually only black and white, but I like to push the boundaries and have used several other thoughtfully selected colour combinations.

I made my first toy, a horse, when I was a child and I was hooked. Before long I had made an entire herd of felt horses!
I arrived at bear making via Art College and various creative jobs, including professional photography, flower arranging, hand sewing for Lucienne Day a textile designer and repairing antique clothes for a shop in Chelsea. I worked as a motorcycle instructor for many years, then became an examiner for several more. I currently own a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

I have been professionally creating collectors Teddy Bears since I won the Newcomer Category of The British Bear Artist Awards in 1998. I work as an interior and garden designer when requested, but mostly I like to work on my passion, my bears. I now have more time to dedicate to Conradi Creations so the future looks exciting. I can now spend more time designing patterns, making more bears, and much to my delight, visiting antique markets, so I can find wonderful fabrics, jewellery, lace, many of which are vintage or antique to accessorise my bears
I hope you have enjoyed visiting my bears.